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We don’t only help bail bond companies track bail bond clients. We also offer round-the-clock protection for your loved ones.







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Track the people you care about using wearable tracking devices.

tracking teens

Need not worry about teenagers acting out and being at risk.

alarm and alerts

Measure more than just movements and be notified of tampering attempts.

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Defendants will never fail to appear in court and be considered a flight risk.

About Achilles Ankle Monitoring 2 of Jacksonville Florida

Your Protection and Ankle Monitoring Solution

Achilles Ankle Bracelet Monitoring provides GPS monitoring services with the use of an ankle monitor while out on bond to clients in Florida and the Southeast.

We provide GPS tracking to people who have had issues with the law, or who have been put in a situation where they need a monitoring device. This is to ensure they are staying loyal to their parole or probation requirements and are not trying to escape.

We also provide ankle bracelet monitoring to people whose whereabouts need to be monitored. We make sure that the features that come with our device allow individuals to stay comfortable as much as possible.

And by giving the authorities the ability to track the whereabouts of someone, ankle monitors have been beneficial to society. As a result, the use of these tracking devices has increased the safety of the country.

Ankle Monitoring Services for the Southeast

Improve Your Tracking Capabilities with Achilles

Here at Achilles, we take pride in how thorough we are with monitoring our clients. Our professional staff is always available to respond to questions, whether it’s about the monitoring device or the person being monitored. Now take a look at the services that we offer as your reliable GPS service provider.

Ankle Bracelet Monitoring

Ankle Monitoring

With ankle monitoring, you are less restricted while you are awaiting trial and you are not prevented from moving on with your life (albeit in a different way).

Bail Bond Tracking Clients

Bail Bond Client Tracking

It is now possible for bail bond companies to monitor their clients and make sure they show up to court on time. They can also check in with their probation and parole officers every day.

GPS Tracking for Alzheimers and Teens

24/7 GPS Tracking

Keep your loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other disabilities from getting lost, or prevent troubled teens from leaving the house. GPS tracking ensures their safety and protection.

GPS Tracking Bracelet & Ankle Monitoring Devices

Keep an Eye on the People You Love

Runaway teens, people on house arrest, and those with a history of substance abuse or in need of specific medication are sometimes hard to keep an eye on. But what if you can keep tabs on your loved ones without having to worry?

In today’s digital world, many people feel like location is key to staying in touch with someone. And we bring that kind of peace of mind to parents and spouses who need help in monitoring their loved ones through a GPS tracking device.

We keep track of our ankle monitors regularly to make sure they are working properly. We see to it that we provide our services with a high level of care and quality of monitoring. So if you want to find out more about the services that we offer, contact our team of professionals at Achilles Ankle Monitoring 2 today!

Ankle Monitoring Services

Why Use Our Ankle Monitors

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider our ankle monitors. They’re safe, secure, and comfortable!

You’re Only Dealing with Professionals

We don’t settle for mediocrity. We only focus on providing our clients with ankle monitoring services of their best.

24-7 monitoring

Clients Are Monitored 24 hours 7 Days a Week

We can track our clients 24/7 without making them feel restricted and allowing them to go about their day.

issues solved

Issues Are Addressed Immediately

Whenever an issue arises that may result in your well-being, we will take all measures to ensure that it is addressed immediately.

gps alerts

You Get Notified with GPS Alerts

Our ankle monitors notify you immediately if a person on watch wanders away from their designated area.

How Our Ankle Bracelet Monitoring System Works

We make it easy to keep an eye on the people you care about or those who need regular supervision.

1. Ankle Bracelet Monitor

Using an ankle bracelet monitor, the desired information such as the user’s location can be continuously or regularly monitored.

2. On-Site Receiver

The readings are transmitted to an on-site receiver, usually in the user’s house, via radio transmission or GPS.

3. Remote Receiver

A remote receiver, usually located in a monitoring center or police station, will then receive the readings.

Achilles Ankle Monitoring 2 Services in Florida
Simple, Structured Supervision

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Sometimes we all need a little help getting our footing back. That’s why our company provides ankle devices to track bail bond clients or those we love. We can help make sure that the people you care about are safe and sound. If you need our services, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.